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Smart Rain Barrel

Due to climate change extreme weather events are increasing. Longer periods of drought alternate with large amounts of rain in a short time. The city gets vulnerable and that affects everybody: residents, businesses and municipalities. During long dry periods the city feels clammy and hot. During heavy rainfall the sewer can not handle the huge amount of water, mainly because of the many asphalted streets and tiled gardens. Therefore, governmental institutions seek together with companies for innovative solutions to make the city more climate-proof.​

Studio Bas Sala developed the “Smart Rain barrel”. It is a buffer for rainwater being able to release water automatically and create new buffer capacity for the coming rain. It is a smart system as the tap can be controlled online. Different barrels form a network linked to the local weather forecast. Through the online weather analysis the fully automatic system ensures that the barrels are full during dry periods and empty before extreme rainfall. The system creates the maximum buffer capacity when needed most to release the sewer. Through an app owners of the rain barrels can open and close the barrels at any given time.

Studio Bas Sala designs and produces all kinds of different Smart Rain barrels. Large eye catchers for the public space. Appealing objects for community gardens. Wall rain barrels for watering community green and small barrels for private backyards.

The Smart Rain barrel is a simple and fun way to use rainwater and create more awareness about resilient cities and climate change. Residents can play an important role by placing a Smart Rain barrel in their own garden and participating in making their neighborhood more climate-proof. It is a simple way to increase the awareness for climate change as much as the consciousness for absorbing and retaining rain. At the same time extra capacity to absorb rainwater in the city is being created.

With the Smart Rain barrel, everyone will be able to contribute to a better management of rainwater.

A true eye catcher for public space and private gardens.

Zoho Letters

The Zoho Rain Letters. Rainwater buffer and area icon

Diamond Smart Rain Barrel Green

Diamond Smart Rain barrel Blue Marineterrein Amsterdam

Slimme regenton Rotterdam

Smart Rain barrel Diamond at the community garden Tuin de Bajonet Rotterdam

Slimme Regenton

We also work together with other initiatives such as “De Natuurlijke stad". They designed a "Green Wall". Chris Ripken then executed the design in steel and we integrated the Smart Rainbarrel into the design.

Slimme Regenton eye catcher

Diamond Smart Rain barrel

participatie klimaatadaptatie

co-creation and inspiration session go hand in hand with technical solutions. We do both !

regenton bewoners

The first 25 Smart Rainbarrels for consumers are being tested at and with residents in Schiedam-West. The residents have an app that allows them to empty the barrel and see the storage capacity. From a distance, all the barrels can be emptied at the same time for a heavy shower.

slimme Regenton

The smart Rainbarrel is connected to the internet. It empties itself before heavy rain and contributes in making cities more climate proof.

Municipality/city developer/architect looking for a smart water solution ?